This is an infrequently modified page (for now) where some interesting stories related to the riddles will be posted.  Our first mention goes to the SPRIddlers, who may have the first trophy related to this (though obviously it cannot compete in beauty with the Green Chicken Contest — the homepage for the event is here).

The SPRIddlers.  Left to right:  Teddy Fagrelius, Hannah Jarvis, Grant Dornan, Casey Pierce.  We all work at an orthopedic research institute and work on Steve Miller’s Math Riddles during the spare minutes of the day. Center:  the SPRI Cup, which is awarded to the winner of the daily math riddle.  Each day the winner is required to add a new feature to the trophy, the base of which is a fake hand skeleton (we are orthopedic geeks).  Thanks for all the fun diversions!  Photographer:  Peter-Paul de Meijer.

Our second mention goes to fifth grader David from Ashford, pictured below, who submitted one of the cleanest write-ups of the Fruitful Problem.


It’s been awhile but happy to post another shout out.

Congratulations to Robert Schmidt and J. Schneider (pictured above), advised by Gina Post, for great solutions of the “Chess Problem” and “Is This Seat Taken” riddles.