Steven Miller

Steven Miller is a Mathematics professor at Williams College.  He received a BS in Mathematics and Physics from Yale in 1996 and then earned a PhD in Mathematics from Princeton in 2002.  Prior to coming to Williams, Professor Miller taught at Princeton, New York University, (The) Ohio State University, and Brown.  His wife, Liz, is a professor of Marketing at Boston College, and the couple has two young children, Cameron and Kayla.  Professor Miller’s hobbies, aside from math, include tennis, sailing, reading (primarily historical fiction, politics, and science fiction), Boston sports teams, bridge, and twistie art.

For more about Professor Miller, visit his website.

Professor Miller and The Naughty Ninjas

The Naughty Ninjas

This website was designed by Jennifer Gossels, Kush Fanikiso, and Mike Ormsbee, collectively known as The Naughty Ninjas, as part of Williams Instructional Technology (WIT). WIT is a 10 week summer internship program in which a small group of Williams students learn about website design and then, working in teams, complete three projects for faculty members.  This site was one of the Ninjas’ tasks for the summer of 2010.

Arjuna X

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